Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bespoke cowboy boot?

Bespoke means “made to order”. Every pair of bespoke boots I make is made to a client’s specific foot needs and design criteria.

Can I customize my cowboy boots?

Yes, I will make just about anything you want as long as it is not another bootmaker’s design. Not only are my boots custom made to fit your foot, but each design is fully customized to you.

What are the best types of cowboy boots?

The best type of cowboy boot is one made by a reputable boot maker using quality materials. Factory-made boots can be costly but are not guaranteed to last over time. The proper materials and technique make all the difference in whether or not your boot stands the test of time. I also recommend having a boot custom made to the measurements of your foot, for comfort and personalization.

How does boot sizing work? How do you fit cowboy boots?

The only way to truly fit cowboy boots is to work from your unique foot measurements. To properly fit cowboy boots, a minimum of five measurements must be taken. I take eight measurements of your foot and calf to insure a proper fit. These measurements are then transferred to a last. The last is the boot form that the leather boot is made around.

What are the various cowboy boot toe styles?

Traditional cowboy boot toes were not as narrow like a lot of the dress boots of today. They were wider with blunt or round toes. Today they can range from a wide, round toe to a needlepoint end. It all depends on the needs of a client’s foot and what they find stylish.

What is the best leather for cowboy boots?

The best leather for a custom cowboy boot depends on what the boot will be used for. Heavy bullhide is great for working boots; French Calf and Water Buffalo are also popular. Baby Calf, Kangaroo, Alligator and Ostrich are popular choices for a dress boot.

What is the best method of cowboy boot care?

Caring for your custom cowboy boots is easy. Brush off dirt and clean with a quality leather cleaner. Condition with a quality conditioner and finish with a matching or neutral shoe cream. For the soles, use a quality polish to match the sole and heel.

What does a pair of custom boots cost?

The average boot from Music City Leather costs between $2,000.00 & $2,600.00.

How do I create my custom pair?

Each pair starts with a personal consultation, where I can get to know you, your style and what type of boot you'd like. I measure and pedigraph your foot as well to make sure the fit is right.Give me a call at 615.533.4882 or shoot me an email to start the conversation. I look forward to meeting you.